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"I had such a great experience at Allure ! I was disappointed that my bride squad wasn’t able to come because they all live in different states, but I was able to use my laptop and have them watch me on zoom. Roshelle was so helpful with assisting me with connecting to the wifi to make sure my squad can share that special time with me. Roshelle was very knowledgeable about the different styles, patient, kind and had great convo! I was worried about the train on my dress being too long and me not being able to dance the night away at my reception, but she reassured me that the Taylor will be able to add something to my dress so I can have all the fun I want!🎉 while I tried on different dresses, Roshelle made sure my brides maids on zoom were able to see by lifting the laptop and getting all the angles! I said yes to my dress and I’m so happy I went to Allure! Thank you 😊"


"As someone who has worked with many vendors, I knew 100% I would be shopping for my dress at Allure! Even when I thought I knew which dress I wanted, we went with a wild card choice and it was PERFECT! Their staff is incredibly attentive and friendly and also acted as a great buffer for my opinionated friends and family. I couldn’t imagine a better experience with my Diamond bridal appointment (so worth it)!"

"We had the BEST experience! Rochelle and Tory were excellent, helpful, knowledgeable and kind. We found THE dress of my sisters dreams. Thank you Allure!"


"Every positive review is completely spot-on. The experience here is such a night and day difference from the big box chain bridal store in Gainesville. Chelsee and Roshelle are absolutely wonderful. You get to be the center of attention without feeling any pressure at all. They really helped me find my dream dress when I wasn't even sure what that was and didn't have a super strong vision for it. I was also able to stay within my budget so I'm very thrilled. 10/10 absolutely recommend"


"Definitely the best experience while looking for my dreamed dress! Roshelle Twymon was the sweetest and most professional guidance throughout the process! 100% recommended!"


Wow, I just can not say enough about the absolutely wonderful experience we had at Allure Bridal! I am the mother of the bride and want to share our story about how we ended up at Allure.

My daughter decided she wanted to wear my mother's dress (from 1961). My daughter lives in Gainesville and my mother and I drove the dress down to meet with a seamstress about alterations. We decided that it just wasn't going to work and needed to look for a wedding dress, which was not in our plan at all. The seamstress recommended Allure Bridal so we called and asked if we could be there in 10 minutes. They agreed and when we walked it, we were welcomed with a sign with my daughter's name on it and were treated like royalty during the entire experience. The selection of dresses was amazing, the store is beautiful and the customer service was unparalleled. The ladies at Allure made the experience seem like we were in a Hallmark movie! It was an unforgettable experience shared by 3 generations and my daughter said yes to the dress!

I have been to chain bridal stores in the past for other weddings and the experience between that and this was night and day. This is such a special time in a woman's life and after our day at Allure, I believe going to the right bridal shop is an important choice to make the experience magical. There were so many special touches offered at Allure, I just can't recommend them enough. The memory of the day will be with me, my mother and my daughter forever!

I had an absolutely fantastic experience here picking out my dream wedding dress. 11/10 recommend.

This Bridal Boutique is AMAZING! You need an appointment, but it's nice because they're completely focused on helping you. I tried so many other dress shops before this one and this was by far my favorite. They have more dresses online than they do in store but there was still a decent amount to try on. I was torn between a more fitted dress and something poofy. Fell in love with this super comfortable fitted dress (EDDY K DREAMS Style #Galia) and decided to buy a large tulle skirt from Amazon to wear over it for the actual ceremony. This dress was absolutely gorgeous and I had such a great time shopping for it. Thank you to all the ladies at Allure Bridal who helped make my wedding day so special!


I had the privilege of working with Chelsee during my apt & needless to say, she is one of the most genuine, sincere, & thoughtful people I've ever encountered. She made me feel welcome from the second I walked in the door & found my DREAM dress. She listened to what I had to say & knew exactly what I was looking for! I would highly recommend her to anyone!


We, my mom, future sister-in-law, and myself, were thrilled with the entire appt.  So happy to have many choices in bigger sized dresses.  The entire visit made me feel like the most beautiful bride on earth.    And of course, I said yes to a magnificent dress that covered everything but made me feel like the sexiest girl on earth.  I can’t thank you enough for such a perfect shopping experience.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Amazing. I walked in to look around, not expecting to find much.  After checking the available racks, picked up some we thought had potential. I tried on a few dresses, right away noticing the difference in the quality of both the experience and the dresses in Allure. When I put on MY dress and was literally rolled in, I immediately felt a pit in my stomach, like a gut feeling that something was different. I’m not sure how long I stood in the mirror but the incredibly sweet woman who was helping me was both patient and encouraging and I truly felt she knew this was my dress too. I DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE IT OFF. So, I said yes to my dress! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to find my wedding dress. So special. Thank you so much!


Allure Boutique is absolutely amazing!  They have the most beautiful dresses in all styles and my stylist Roshelle was so helpful and fantastic.  She patiently helped me find the perfect dress for my figure and then helped us celebrate the YES with champagne!  The appointment signage as you walk in and into the dressing room was a beautiful surprise.  I am so grateful to LOVE my dress and so relieved that my search is over.  Oh and thank you to Chelsee for making sure I could get my dress on time!


It was a great shopping experience! Rochelle and Chelsee were both amazing and knowledgeable. They made it fun while also wasted no time accomplishing the goal of finding my dress. Five stars!


After a few bridal gown fittings at other stores, I had become hopeless in finding a gown that would have the style or certain features I wanted. Once I got to Allure Bridal I was welcomed by the staff, and immediately found several gowns that I liked!! I ended up getting an amazing gown. Lastly, I can’t forget to thank Chelsee for her amazing patience and willingness to help me say “yes to the dress”!!!

Anita, MacClenny

Amazing is an understatement! I went to Allure Bridal Boutique originally when I started dress shopping. Unfortunately, they did not carry the gown that I ended up falling in love with. Fast forward months- I get my gown somewhere else and it is not at all what I wanted it to be. Things were so wrong. I went back to Allure Bridal and their kindness was amazing! They are making my wedding dress dreams come back to life. They have gone about and beyond to try and help me!


I'm so glad I went to Allure! I did the Diamond Bridal Experience, and it was so worth it! They did a great job making everything feel so special. Natasha was really great at finding out what I liked and didn't like about the dresses so that she could help me find the perfect one. Thank you!


Allure Bridal provided the best wedding dress shopping experience I have had. Everyone was very kind and understanding. They helped me to find the perfect dress within budget and assisted with putting dresses on at my comfort level. No matter the dress size I tried on the stylist was able to clip the dresses so they fit great! I would 100% recommend Allure to anyone looking for a wedding gown. Living an hour away, it was definitely worth the drive!


Natasha was amazing! She was so helpful and knowledgeable and made it such a great experience. I’ve been to a couple of other stores and always felt rushed or uncomfortable there but this was perfect. I will be back next week to buy my dream dress and I can’t wait! I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!


"The staff was so sweet and attentive. I could tell they really cared and wanted me to find the right dress. I am so grateful that I found my dress in your shop!!! Thank you so much for making the dress buying experience special."

Kelly, Gainesville

"Daniela was such a great stylist!! I’m so glad I made an appointment to get my dress here. Everything was so personalized and relaxed. I would highly recommend this place for a bride looking for a beautiful and one-of-a-kind dress."

Joanne, Gainesville

"Chelsee and her staff are so sweet and lovely. They genuinely care for your interests and needs in your search for “the dress” and are super helpful in making that happen. I truly believe that’s there’s something for every bride at Allure."

Krystal, Gainesville

"Wonderful experience!!! Absolutely loved it !! From the moment I walked in I felt very special. I didn’t expect to see my name when I walked in or on the dressing room because it was a mini session. Chelsee was amazing !! Definitely coming back to pick out my official wedding dress and would love to have Chelsee help me out again!!"

Ariel, Gainesville

"My time at Allure Bridal Boutique was amazing. They treated me so special and really made it an experience that I hope any bride gets to have. Both ladies were so sweet, and really took the time to help me find my Perfect Dress! I am so happy I was able to book an appointment and even more happy after the fact due to such a great time. They really made my day, and I will absolutely share my experience with everyone. Thank you!!!"

Natalie, Gainesville

"My time at Allure Bridal Boutique was amazing. They treated me so special and really made it an experience that I hope any bride gets to have. Both ladies were so sweet, and really took the time to help me find my Perfect Dress! I am so happy I was able to book an appointment and even more happy after the fact due to such a great time. They really made my day, and I will absolutely share my experience with everyone. Thank you!!!"

Krystal, Gainesville

"Allure Bridal Boutique should be every brides first stop for their wedding dress. I went to another boutique before coming here and the difference between the two was night and day. I did the Diamond Bridal Appointment (worth every penny) with Daniella. When I walked in they had a sign welcoming me, pictures of me and my Fiancé (and family/friends) all around the room, a mimosa bar and snacks set up for me and my guests. Daniella asked me some simple questions about what I wanted in a dress and we were off. In a matter of minuets we were trying dresses on. Daniella was kind, patient and took all the stress and anxiety away from me. The level of professionalism you will receive here will be unmatched by any other. I HIGHLY recommend coming here and Daniella (although each employee was amazing)."

Otania, Gainesville

"I’m so angry I didn’t start my bridal search here. I could have saved myself 5 trips and 32 dresses. Going to Allure was such a stark contrast to the stores I had gone to before. The moment I entered the store, it felt completely personalized to me (the sign with my name and wedding date on it). The store is so cute and definitely has that boutique feel. I can tell a lot of thought went into curating the best of the best for their brides to try on. The stage and the full length mirror were such amazing touches for me to be able to see myself from every angle. The seating set up around the stage was perfect. I can just imagine my friends and family all sitting and celebrating with me when my dress comes in. I love that there is a mirror in the dressing room too so I could have that moment to myself to think about if I liked it before I got anyone else’s opinion. Having just my stylist and the owner in the store was awesome! I felt important and like the sole focus. It felt like my mini day, before my big day. They were so helpful. And the dress that became “the one” wasn’t even something I picked out myself. Just based on knowing what dresses I had liked, they suggested it. And it was perfect. I can’t thank them enough! The final moments of selecting my dress were so great and I love their “reserved for the future Mrs. ____” sign. It allowed for some really cute pictures to document and Instagram my experience. I can’t say enough great things about my time spent there. Definitely will be referring everyone I know to Allure!"

Megan, Gainesville

"I absolutely loved everything! The stylist made me feel so comfortable and your dresses are beautiful. Thank you so much for making time for me.

Katie, Gainesville

"Natasha was wonderful and helped me to find the perfect dress. Thank you so much Chelsee for your help as well and your kindness. You both were very supportive but not pressuring me in any way even though you all knew it was “the one.” Wonderful experience! Thank you so much!"

Rea, Massachusetts