Wedding Send-Off Ideas

Wedding Send-Off Ideas

At the end of the reception, it’s traditional for guests to send off the new couple as they leave, ending the night with a final celebration and marking the beginning of the newlyweds’ new lives as a married couple. While it’s traditional to throw rice, different send-offs that fit your personal style may be a better option!




Sparklers are a fun, magical alternative to rice, especially if you’re planning an evening wedding. The key here is ensuring that your guests light their sparklers around the same time—which is a problem easily solved by a few well-placed bridesmaids with matches in the crowd! This send-off is fun, gorgeous, and perfect for your evening reception. 

Flower Petals



Love the idea of your guests throwing something for your send-off, but need it to be environmentally friendly? Flower petals are the perfect choice. Biodegradable, elegant, and perfectly matched to your unique wedding aesthetic, this confetti spray of petals will add instant romance to your wedding day. 




Releasing balloons with your guests not only makes for a great photo op, but creates a nice memory, as well. You can opt to tie well-wishes to the balloons, or simply send them off on their own. If you’re not too keen on balloons, look into floating lanterns for a glowing effect that still has that floating elegance.