Tuxedo Rentals 101

Tuxedo Rentals 101


Tuxedo and suit rental services make looking good on your wedding day a breeze. It's probably time for a quick refresher if you haven’t rented a suit or tux since high school prom! Here's the lowdown on renting wedding suits and tuxedos, including when and how to rent, what to consider during the process, as well as some of the cool perks you'll get when renting your attire. We’re fortunate enough to partner with the tux experts at Jim's Formalwear here at Allure Bridal Boutique!


The Benefits of Renting Your Wedding Day Tuxedo


If you're trying to decide whether to buy or rent your wedding day attire, we understand how tricky it feels. Renting gives you more flexibility (and often helps you save money) than buying a new suit or tuxedo, but buying can be a great investment. Ultimately, you should think about how you live every day. What are your chances of wearing a suit or tuxedo when you're attending high-end events? You might be better off renting your tux than buying it if it's a rare occasion when you're going to be dressed to the nines. 


Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all rental suits and tuxedos. The latest rental services offer styles that are more personalized and tailored than ever, which means you’ll get all the benefits of a custom look without the commitment. Rental companies like Jim’s Formalwear are making it even easier to shop for your wedding attire — you can browse styles online with their Tux Builder App and put together your ensemble before ever leaving your house. You can choose from their selection of pre-styled looks or build a custom ensemble that suits your personal style. Are you having trouble deciding? For expert, personal advice, visit us in person to get some guidance! We can take care of all the details of your order if you rent in-store. 


The Process of Renting Suits and Tuxedos


You should plan on visiting the shop at least twice three times - once to put together your perfect look and have your measurements taken, once for picking up your rental and trying it on (typically the week of the event), and once for returning the clothes after the wedding. In-person shopping allows you to receive personal suggestions from the menswear experts at the store, as well as see all of your options up close (very helpful when matching colors or fabrics). We’re happy to help you find the right choice in-store! 



What Fit Should You Consider?


A tuxedo's fit is an important consideration when choosing it! Think about how you like your clothes to fit, and go from there. An Ultra Slim or Slim Fit garment is likely to be more suitable for you if you prefer fitted shirts and pants. For baggy or loose-fitting clothes, a Modern or Traditional Fit garment may be more your style. Jim's Formal Wear has suits or tuxedos in a range of sizes. A coat can be ordered up to a size 66, so it can fit almost every body type.


Choose a slimmer, more fashionable look if you can. With a tuxedo, you don't have to worry about it being too tight on your body. When the coat is buttoned, you should be able to slip your hand between the jacket and your shirt. The coat is too small if it tugs or pulls between your shoulder blades. You can easily fix this with the next size up. The jacket and shirt sleeves should also be considered when renting a tuxedo. Your wrist bone should be reachable with the sleeves of your jacket. About a half inch to an inch should show on the sleeves of the shirt.


When to Order Your Suit or Tuxedo


Despite most menswear rental services offering rush service, we strongly recommend not leaving it until the last minute to choose your outfit. To avoid rush fees and to ensure availability of sizes and styles, you should order your tux 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding.

The Groom's Free Promotion is also available to wedding parties with 5 or more paid ensembles! Shirt, tie, vest, coat, pants, and pants should be included in all ensembles. With a maximum value of $200, the groom will receive a full credit for one complete package rental (coat, pant, shirt, vest, tie, shoes). Once the qualifying number of orders have shipped, the credit will be issued to the first groom registered for the event.

As we mentioned previously, a tuxedo rental service provided by Jim's Formal Wear is available at Allure Bridal Boutique. By utilizing this service, you can save $40 off the retail price of every tuxedo rental! Get in touch with us today for details and be sure to come see us so we can help you find the perfect tuxedo!