How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

How to Include Your Pets in Your Wedding

Here at Allure Bridal Boutique in Gainesville, we’ve met plenty of couples who want to have their pets all dressed up and included in their wedding! While we definitely understand that, it can sometimes not be as practical depending on a few important factors. There are so many different ways you can include pets in your wedding that aren’t just having them in the ceremony! Here’s a few of our favorite ideas for how to include your pets in your wedding:



Have Your Pet Attend The Wedding


We love the idea of having your pet actually attend your wedding, but there are a few variables to keep in mind! The location of your wedding, the venue, and even your pet’s personality are important to keep in mind. Dogs tend to be more manageable than other pets, for instance. If you’re thinking about having your pet come to your wedding, ask yourself a few questions first:


How close is the venue to your house? Is it within a few hours’ drive?

Will the ceremony space be able to accommodate your pet?

Will your reception area accommodate your pet?

Does your pet behave well in new places?

Does your pet get along well with many types of people and children?

Are there any foods that won’t be pet-friendly?

Will someone be able to take care of your pet during the ceremony and afterward?




Mention Your Pet in the Ceremony


If you’ve decided against having your pet at the wedding, it’s sweet to mention them in your ceremony at some point. You can add them to your vows or even reserve a seat for them at the front with a framed photo of them in the seat!




Incorporate Your Pet Into Your Cake


We love a super cute animal cake topper, and this is a special way to include your pet in your wedding without having them present! 

Name a Cocktail After Your Pet


If you’re already planning to have some signature cocktails featured at your wedding, we like the idea of naming one after your pet! Something cute would be to have an illustration of your pet on the cocktail menu or use their name and favorite toy to name a cocktail. 

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