Featured Designer: Jimmie Huang

Featured Designer: Jimmie Huang

We are proud to be the first bridal boutique in Florida to carry the JH Bridal Collection, beginning in late summer 2021. We’ve been carrying his accessories since we opened our first boutique in 2007, and formerly carried his Vienna prom line back when we offered prom. Jimmie Huang’s designs are absolutely breathtaking, and we could not be more excited to share his bridal line with our brides. We spoke with Jimmie about his latest collection, and are sharing his words on the blog: 


What interested you or led you to designing bridal gowns?


Many stores have been asking me for years to do bridal gowns. At the time I was really focused on my prom & pageant collections. As many know, as a Virgo I am a perfectionist and I wanted to master my craft before I would venture into something new. While hitting the 10 year mark of making my prom and pageant collections, I felt like I was finally ready to try bridal. During the perfect storm (COVID) I finally had a lot more time on my hands and decided to focus on this bridal collection. 


Could you share any interesting or unique information about the JH Bridal Line?


Like many other formal designers who ventured into bridal, I knew I had to be different. I knew I had to make this collection bridal, not prom made in ivory. I have contacted many friends who are owners of industry leading retailers for their advice. “Put your pencils down...  Learn the constructions & fit before you do any of your creative work.”  That is what my mentor told me when I met with her back in July 2020. It took me off guard at first and that is the best advice I have ever received. I spent days just learning the basics before I was finally able to start drawing on my sketch pads. I am proud to tell all my clients, let your bride put on my gown and ask them how they feel. I am confident to say today my construction and fit is one of the best in the industry. 


My first collection I wanted to make soft, whimsical, and airy. I named it Aura (goddess of air) and each of the gowns were named after a Spanish city. If you take the first letter of each of the gowns, it will spell my daughter’s name (Vienna Huang). 


Second Collection was named Flora (Goddess of Flowers). This collection was named after Italian cities, and that’s why all the names in the collections have unique spelling.


Pageant Titleholders/Winners that Jimmie has Dressed/Designed Dresses For…


Deneen Penn (Miss Ohio 2018) 


Alayah Benavidez to win all her Miss titles (Miss Texas United States, Miss United States, and Miss Texas United States 2019). This is the only gown I have made that year for Miss Texas and she brought home the crown competing against 150 girls.


Anissa Mendez (Miss Texas Teen 2020) a very unique fit and flare gown with a beautiful ruffled skirt train made with Texas Pageant color (yellow). I made 5 gowns that year and all 4 made top 15 out of 140 girls. 2 of the gowns made top 5, and Anissa brought home the crown.