Creative Ways to Incorporate Mom/Grandma's Bridal Gown (without wearing it)

Creative Ways to Incorporate Mom/Grandma's Bridal Gown (without wearing it)

 Even if you love your mom or grandmother's wedding dress, you might have second thoughts about wearing it on your big day. That's fine! Despite not wearing her whole dress, you can still honor her and remain close to her. Your bridal style and personality can be reflected in the way you repurpose her gown or veil. As a result, you can start a new tradition that blends both of your wedding gowns. Find out how you can use your mom's wedding dress without wearing it!


Turn it into a vintage garter

Have your mother's wedding gown made into a vintage-looking garter you can pass down as an heirloom.


Decorate the venue or the sweetheart table

You can add a lovely detail to the table if you want to have a smaller cake on a stand by embellishing it with lace from mom's wedding dress. Your sweetheart table could also be decorated with a Lace Table Runner. You can use both designs after the wedding as beautiful home decor! 


Make it into a flower girl's dress

You might not want to wear your mom's wedding dress, but that doesn't mean it can't be worn by someone else! Your flower girl's dress should be customized to fit her. Make a skirt out of the material if you can't create an entirely new dress! The dress will not only be incorporated into the wedding, but it'll also symbolize the past, present, and future generations of your family. It 

might even become a family tradition to pass down the new-and-improved flower girl dress to future flower girls.


Put a piece in your bouquet

It's pretty common for brides to wrap their bouquet stems with fabric, so why not make it special? Decorate your bouquet with a piece of your mom's wedding dress or veil (lace would be nice). To make it look as beautiful as possible, ask your floral designer for tips.


Don't forget the men

Don't forget the men in the family or your future husband! Handmade Pocket Squares or Bowties will definitely make them smile. Lace on the pocket square could make the groom stand out - or a custom monogram could do the trick!


Make a sentimental handkerchief out of it

You'll definitely need something to keep those tears away, or at least keep your makeup from running. Your mom's dress can also be used to make a functional and beautiful handkerchief.


Embroider a patch on your dress

An embroidered patch on the underside of your wedding dress, made special by using your mom's dress, is a popular touch. If you want, you can customize it with both your and your mom's wedding dates!


Make it the ring bearer's cushion

Another crafty way to use your mom's wedding gown is to make a cushion for the ring bearer out of parts of it. In the future, you can pass the ring cushion along to your kids.


Make it into a bridal clutch or purse

There's nothing better than a great clutch or small handbag to hold your wedding essentials. Make your bridal purse out of your mother's lace or material? Some artisans can make a clutch out of the dress material, or they can decorate a purse with bits of lace from it. Maybe they can even use your mom's dress to line the purse. It's up to you!