Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing Your Wedding Colors

Choosing wedding colors is an important part of planning your wedding. Having the right color scheme will set the tone of your big day and tell the story that you are trying to tell. Making good color choices will take time and energy, but it will pay off in the end. Use our guide from our team at Allure Bridal Boutique in Gainesville as your starting point and then follow your heart as you make big decisions like these!



Use Your Location as Inspiration


If you are planning your wedding and want to use a particular color palette, it is an excellent idea to think about what colors you would like to use, and then decide whether you would want to prioritize finding your perfect venue or having your dream color scheme. The good news? You can often have both, especially when you consider certain types of settings. Venues like converted warehouses, refurbished lofts, and outdoor locations are often 'blank slate' venues, which means you can add as much or as little as you'd like to carry out your wedding vision and personalize the space.



Keep All of Your Must-haves in Mind


While your venue is a major influence when you're figuring out your wedding colors, consider other non-negotiable factors that could be impacted when making the final decision. Let’s say you've always dreamed of having flower arrangements overflowing with sunflowers - if that’s the case, you'll want to include some yellow somewhere in your color palette! Use your must-haves as a starting point, rather than trying to figure out how to incorporate them into your wedding later on. You don't want to finalize a color scheme only to find that a must-have looks out of place or is lost in the rest of the decor.



Choose Colors According to the Season


Spring wedding colors reflect the earliest days of blooming flowers and fresh green grass. Summer wedding colors can include a bold bridal fashion trend such as pink, coral, and red. For fall weddings, jewel tones add that one-of-a-kind wow factor. Winter weddings can showcase warm and cozy pinks but also stylish sleek silver or gray.



Use a Color Wheel if You Need Extra Guidance


Typically, colors that go well together are opposites across from each other on the color wheel. Other color pairings that work are "neighbors" - they're similar to each other and share a primary color! A classic way to build your color palette is by pairing a heavily saturated color with a neutral, like taupe or ivory, and then adding softer colors that complement them.

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